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    Factory direct sales Velcro black and white colored fleece nylon Velcro with adhesive tape Velcro Wholesale Customization Category: Fleece Features: Mostly used for handbag lining. Shoe material lining. Clothing printing fabric. Electric blankets. Bedding. Crafts knife Fork rack baby supplies hotel shoes cloth women's minority printed small floral ethnic skirt eco bag shoes bag baby stroller wipes fleece blanket, cotton fleece blanket, baby blanket, baby fleece blanket


    Product Information Name: Fleece Brand: Zhongzhou Color: black and white, color can be customized.
    Product uses are mostly used in handbag linings, shoe linings, clothing printing fabrics, electric blankets, bedding, crafts, knife and fork holders, baby supplies, hotel shoe cloth, women's minority printed small floral ethnic skirts, environmental protection bags, shoe bags, baby strollers, and wipes Towel fleece blanket, cotton fleece blanket, baby blanket, baby fleece blanket

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