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    Velcro manufacturers teach you better use of Velcro

    Velcro manufacturers generally use Velcro more than we do. Only by understanding the product correctly can we better produce the product. Today, Velcro manufacturers will teach you how to make better use of Velcro to facilitate and beautify our vision.

    植物绑带 Velcro can be used as a garden, pot, plant growth fixed plant straps

    新栽种的盆栽,或者一些植物,如番茄,辣椒,由于 刚开始 尚未扎根或者扎根不够深, 就会 很容易倒伏,尤其是需要室外培育的品种,风雨过后, 基本都是 一片狼藉 在家里的盆栽,由于环境 阴暗 ,所长出来的树枝并 没有 阳光下的结实,比较软嫩,没有外部固定 不容易直立成长 We all know that newly planted potted plants, or some plants, such as tomatoes and peppers, are easy to fall down because they have not yet taken root or are not deep enough , especially those that need to be cultivated outdoors. After the storm, they are basically a mess ; The potted plants at home, due to the dark environment , the branches that grow out are not strong in the sun, relatively soft, and it is not easy to grow upright without external fixation .

    都会在植物的旁边加上一根或者数根竹子、木棒之类 用来 坚固 让植物生长时有个倚靠 ;其实在这种时候,我们魔术贴厂家生产的魔术贴就可以很好的发挥作用了;就是把魔术贴绑在植物上,让植物不用依靠棍子之类的东西生长,这样也可以起到美化盆栽的作用。 Generally, when we encounter this kind of situation, we will add one or several bamboos, wood sticks, etc. beside the plant to strengthen it , so that the plant can have a trust when it grows . In fact, at this time, we produced by Velcro manufacturers The Velcro can work very well; it is to tie the Velcro to the plant so that the plant does not have to rely on things like sticks, which can also beautify the pot.


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