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    Problems with Adhesive Velcro

    Adhesive Velcro is affixed to the back of ordinary Velcro and special Velcro tapes, and then attached with a layer of oily release paper, which is the finished adhesive Velcro.


    Adhesive Velcro is now closely related to our lives, so what benefits does it have?

    就是它有粘性 The first is that it is sticky .

    本身就是属于一种粘性产品,而对于粘性上面,它基本上可以黏贴所有产品,而对于生活用品上面,使用它是再合适不过了。 It itself is a sticky product, and for sticky tops, it can basically stick all products, and for daily necessities, it is most suitable.

    The second benefit is convenience.

    的东西 ,这样就 给我们 带来方便,只要使用这个魔术背胶贴,黏贴上就能方便运输,而且在使用起来也很方便。 Using this product, you can stick a lot of things , which brings us convenience. As long as you use this magic adhesive tape, it can be easily transported and it is also very convenient to use.

    The third benefit is protection.

    它本身是软的,所以在碰撞的过程当中,要是用这个魔术贴就能起到一个缓冲的作用,把力量给卸下来 Because it is soft, if you use this Velcro in the process of collision, it can play a buffering role and release the power .

    Adhesive Velcro machine can process ordinary adhesive processing, as well as back-to-back bonding processing. Its use brings a lot of convenience to our lives.

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