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    What to do if the Velcro is not sticky? Two simple ways to solve the non-stick problem

    As everyone knows, Velcro is a wide range of accessories, so what to do when the Velcro is not sticky? Here are two simple tricks to solve the problem.
    Velcro non-stick is often a problem that occurs after a relatively long time of use, and there are basically two reasons for the problem. One is that the environment may cause the Velcro to get some dust or debris in the Velcro. Another case is that the use of the Velcro surface itself is too long, which causes the hairs on the surface to straighten, which greatly reduces the adhesion (the hook-shaped fibers on the hook surface may also be damaged, but this probability is far less than that on the wool surface Probability of damage).
    For the above two reasons, we can prescribe the right medicine:
    First, if there are sundries on the Velcro surface, you can use a toothpick or a fine hook to pick out the sundries. This can quickly improve the non-stick problem of the Velcro.
    Secondly, if it is caused by the deformation of the fluff on the rough surface that causes poor adhesion, you can let the Velcro slightly heat or bake it (note moderate). This allows the fluff to flex to improve adhesion.
    Finally, if you can't improve both of the above, you can go to the market and buy some. Velcro is actually very cheap, and many fabrics or accessories are sold on the market.
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