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    The Velcro name was converted from the English name "VELCRO" of Rockwell Products.
    In the early 1980s, "VELCRO" products entered China. Because there is no Chinese name, it is quite inconvenient to communicate. Because of the main characteristics of "VELCRO", they are produced by attaching a hook fabric and a fleece fabric together Natural stickiness, it will be separated naturally when you pull it with your hands. It feels a bit magical, so it is named Velcro.
    Velcro is actually a popular name for a daughter-in-law buckle. It is a kind of connection accessory commonly used on clothes. It is divided into male and female sides, one side is small and soft fibers, and the other side is harder like small hair. It was posted together in a second. Under a certain tensile force, the elastic hook is straightened, opened from the pile loop, and then restored to the original hook shape. Repeated opening and closing can reach as much as 10,000. Hook-and-loop fasteners are widely used in Various items are often opened or closed, but traditional hook and loop fasteners can only be fixed to products or objects by sewing.
    Velcro physical properties Heat resistance Melting point: 230 ° C, 180 ° wool, 1000 hours at 93 ° C to 56.7 ° C.
    Cold resistance can still be used at -20 ° C. The tensile strength is lower at lower temperatures, but the durability is slightly reduced.
    Water resistance keeps 50% tensile force in water. After drying, it can fully recover 50% of resistant alkaline soda, 28% ammonia, 2.5% hydrochloric acid and 3.5% nitric acid.
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