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    Do you know several types of Velcro?
    Variety of Velcro With the development of science and technology, the application of Velcro is also continuously improved, and its variety is constantly evolving. From the original nylon Velcro used in clothing handbag factories, it has evolved to the self-adhesive of plastic hardware and household goods factories. Adhesive Velcro, Cable ties, Velcro ties for electronics, electrical plant, etc., Fixed straps for plants, etc.
    Velcro cable ties can be easily used to organize and comb various electrical and data wires in the home.
    Velcro cable ties, also known as Velcro cable ties, Velcro cable ties, it is different from ordinary cable ties, ordinary cable ties, designed with a stop function, can only be more and more tight. Velcro straps can be opened and closed repeatedly up to 10,000 times. Hook and loop fasteners are widely used in various positions where various items are often opened and closed, but traditional hook and loop fasteners can only be fixed by sewing. On products or objects.
    Back to back Velcro Velcro surface and hook surface (A + B) are compounded so that the hair hooks are not on the same surface. Used for wire and cable, fiber optic cable, toys, electronic appliances, etc. You can also design the style according to customer requirements. Or supply raw materials and cut by yourself. Can also print company logo, website and advertising promotion information.
    The type of Velcro is used for hair curling, so you don't need to fix it when you curl your hair.
    One-piece hook-and-loop velcro hook-and-loop hook-and-loop fastener is integrated into one body. It is usually used as a cable tie with one side of the hair and one hook. and many more. Strong adhesion and durable ...
    Mushroom head velcro This product is different from ordinary velcro. The hook part is made of Polyester. It is very tough and has a unique mushroom shape design, so the pull is very strong.
    According to the same surface of the hook hair, the combination of strip, voltage, and punching can also be divided into voltage Velcro, elastic Velcro, voltage Velcro, punching Velcro and so on.
    Velcro machinery Velcro machinery mainly includes Southern Lijin Velcro Shears and Velcro Welders.
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